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My Story

I am a graduate of Lehigh University with a Degree in Social Work. In 2005  I, unexpectedly, found myself as a single mom with 3 children under 6 and a new puppy.  I could not go back to working full-time as a social worker, so had to figure out a way to be with my children and new puppy, but also work!  Fortunately, I had experience working for a Veterinary group, and my family was always known to be "crazy" dog, once word got out that I was walking dogs, my business slowly started to grow, and with 3 kids in tow, I began my journey to become a pet sitter.  The business grew quickly, as there were very few pet care providers 18 years ago, so I was one of the first in my area.  Luckily, my background in Social Work, and juggling 150 clients, families and schedules a day (PLUS, loving dogs), enabled me to get where I am today.  I have a team of amazing women who work for me, who all adore dogs and have a ton of experience.  I am a big believer in consistency of a walker, and finding the right "fit" when I assign one of my walkers to a dog, especially when it comes to rescue dogs.  I get to know each of my clients, and their pets, before I decide on the walker to best match their needs and time frame.  I try to cover as many of the dogs as I can, but I can assure you that (if I can't) they will be in the best possible hands.  I am "old-school", so this is a very personal, and hopefully, long term relationship that I hope to develop with your pet.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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