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Rain or Shine

Do you work long hours, about to go on vacation, maybe an evening in the city, or just a quick run out ... whatever it may be, we’re here to make that time more enjoyable for you and your pet.

Your pet becomes part of the family and while you’re away we understand you want them to be properly cared for. This is where Must Luv Dogs comes in and gives you that peace of mind that your beloved pet is being looked after with love and care. We are pet owners and understand the worry that you may have in your absence.

That’s why we are making you this promise...  Each pet that comes under our care is treated as if he or she was one of our own family members.

Two dogs

Dog Walks

Out and About

Your little furry bundle of joy is given the walk of their life with tons of love, and fun!

We offer several types of walks...a potty break, which is approximately 10 minutes or a 15, 20 or 30 minute walk. We will, certainly, walk longer if requested! We will work with you to tailor a dog walking program suitable to your dog's needs. Whether it is a relief visit or a walk to exercise your energetic dog.

Potty Break: $15.00

15 Minute Walk: $20.00

20 Minute Walk: $25

30 Minute Walk:  $30

$5.00 Each Additional Dog/weekends/after 5pm

Pet Sitting

Your Home

One of our professional walkers will take care of your dog(s) and your home while you are away. Your pooch will receive the quality care, love and attention she or he deserves while remaining in the comfort of their home. 

Pet sitting includes us spending the night from 8:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. Four walks are included in the pet sitting fee. We recommend a mid day and dinner walk.

Pet Sitting: $75-125.00/Day depending on number of pets and amount of care 

$5.00 Each Additional Dog


Stays With Us

Puppy Board: $90/day

1 year and above: $75/day

Playgroup/Socialization Classes

Great Outdoors

No matter the breed, dogs are always happier when they get to be dogs and that means having a chance to explore the great outdoors. Our playgroups provide socialization in a non-confined setting, lots of exercise and natural stimulation for all the senses.

We pick-up our playgroup dogs in the morning between 9:30-10am, and guarantee home delivery in the afternoon of a happy, worn-out pup.The pups are given at least 2-3 hours of playtime.

Playgroup: $40.00

Cat Visits


We will feed your cat(s), change the water, scoop litter, and most importantly LOVE them!  

Cat Visit: $25.00/Day

Pet Taxi

Drop off / Pick Up

Let Must Luv Dogs help get your pet to those much needed appointments. We provide safe pet transportation to and from your pets appointments.

Need a Vet visit? We will take your pet, attend the office visit, and bring your pet home.

Veterinarian Office Visit Fee: $50 

Grooming is a must and sometimes its hard to get an appointment during the weekends. Plan a grooming visit during the weekdays and we will cover the transportation.

One Way Fee: $20 ( within 4 miles )

If you don't want us to stay in your home while you are away we can help get your pup off to the boarding facility. This helps you focus on getting ready for that much needed vacation!​

One Way Fee: $20.00 ( within 7 miles )

Puppy Care


Getting a new puppy is a wonderful experience but can be a bit overwhelming at first. Lucky for you, we are puppy care experts! We adore puppies and love the opportunity to bond with them at a young age. 


Visits include feeding, initial leash training, basic commands reinforcement, playtime and of course lots of love and attention.

Since no puppy's needs or owners schedule is the same we tailor a program just to you.

15 Minute Walk: $20.00

Other Pets

Lions, Tigers and Bears ... Oh my

We also care for fish, birds, reptiles, ferrets, hamsters, guinea pig and rabbits. For those prices please contact us directly.


Contact Us

We don’t just want to be your dog’s walker. We want to be 
your buddy’s second-best friend, so our dog walking service 
begins with a free in-home consultation. You’ll get to meet 
your walker and set up a schedule that best suits you and 
your dog’s lifestyle.




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